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Aquarium air pumps
Apr 22, 2017

Basic Info

Model NO.: YDQB4104

Power: 1.8watt/1.5watt

Function:Aquarium air pumps

Flow Rate:500ml/min;450ml/min

Origin: Shenzhen China

Weight: 36g

Size:Dia 62.49*18mm

Product Description

HPumps is a Sleek design mini air pump designed for small aquariums up to 100Litres with just 1.8w 

power consumption, it uses new magnet technology to pushes air out from the device so you can imaging 

that you could barely hear anything while its constantly pumping air out!

Ultra quiet, less than 33dB.

Voltage + frequency: AC 110-120V, or 220-240V, 50HZ -60HZ

Adapter: We will send you an adapter (this is just plug adapter, is not transformer) according to your 

living country. 

4104 (2).jpg